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You are so right, Mohawk does not care nor does the company you purchased the mohawk carpet care - their response to me was your warranty is with Mohawk. Really? that is why I bought from you because you are a reputable company and stand by the products you sell or so I thought. I truly believed they would go to bat for me with Mohawk but they did not. Wasted a lot of money but I am not through. I am considering getting legal assistance to...
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Be very careful dealing with Mohawk Industries and their warranties. If you don't have receipts from PROFESSIONAL carpet cleaning services for every 18 months you have the carpet, Mohawk will summarily reject your quality complaint. If you clean your carpet yourself, you have apparently voided your warranty. Not even the courtesy of a visit from their local rep to take a look at your complaint! We would not recommend this company or their...
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Laura.from.Mohawk Hi Dennis, I'm Laura with Mohawk Flooring--I saw your feedback on another as well, and I just wanted to say again that I'm very sorry for your experience with your carpet. A p...


Anonymous Having a big problem with the poor wear of Mohawk smart strand carpet. Installed 8/13 in the master bedroom of a seasonal residence for 2 adults. The carpet looks wooly, soile...