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Update by user Nov 08, 2012

Update - S&G Floor (installers)hired their own independent inspector. His report concluded this problem IS a manufacturer\'s problem, not a user-induced problem.

The image is wearing off.

Mohawk sent a brief e-mail reply not addressing our inspector\'s conclusion, said they offered to replace 30 tiles and $300 towards labor, they won\'t replace the whole floor, that it\'s not a manufacturer\'s problem and we should basically be satisfied with their offer. We/S&G in turn replied that (1) how can Mohawk say the white spots are scratches when their inspector said no such thing, (2) what is their definition of \"wear and tear\" since their inspector stated spots were due to \"normal wear in an active home\", (3) where in their warranty proudly displayed on-line does it say scratches aren\'t covered (says lifetime warranty against wear and tear), (4) we may pursue legal action

Original review posted by user Oct 08, 2012

We bought DuraCeramic for our family room/eating area/kitchen to replace old, worn-out sheet vinyl. We have (3) dogs and this stuff was supposed to hold up well according to several customer reviews.

The Manufacturer, Congoleum, even has a lifetime warranty against wear and tear. I elected to have it professionally installed so that there wouldn't be an issue if I had warranty problems, plus the company has a Warranty Department that handles complaints exclusively. Well, within a year of it being installed I noticed a couple tiles had strange white "spots", like maybe the finish was coming off. I didn't think much of it and figured I would replace them later (I had bought extras).

However, then more and more tiles started having this problem - probably 1/4+ of all the tiles. I contacted the installer, they came out and couldn't figure out what was happening. Congoleum sent out an independent inspector - basically he never addressed what he thought was happening(but somehow decided it wasn't a manufacturing issue...?) and chalked it up to "normal" occurrence in an active home ... what?

within a 1.5 of being installed? To me his comment means "wear and tear" which is supposedly covered. Then Mohawk (owns Congoleum) writes a letter saying they are scratches which their warranty doesn't cover. How did this person determine all of these were "scratches" when that was never stated in the inspector's letter?


It's *** and so is Mohawk Industries for not standing behind their product. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to replace it at this time, but I will be in the future - with real tile.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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